Higher education forms the basis of knowledge society, a comprehensive system of creativity and innovation, which are very critical for attaining rapid socioeconomic development. In Bangladesh the scope of higher education is expanding fast in both public and private sectors. The government, UGC and the universities feel an increasing need to look at the quality and standard of higher education. Fostering global competence through quality education needs the values of quest for excellence through the development of benchmarks of excellences, good practices in higher education and Institutionalization of continuous improvement process. UGC is responding positively to these challenges and is committed to change the higher education landscape through establishing IQAC at the university level. The major roles of IQAC is to:

  • ❒ Support the university in achieving its vision through providing good quality education.
  • ❒ Function as a central quality assurance unit for the university and review existing standards and procedures.
  • ❒ Develop new standards, policies and procedures by adapting and incorporating best practices.
  • ❒ Systematically monitor and evaluate university’s practices and processes through audit, survey and other instruments as deemed fit to ensure generally acceptable standards of quality.