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Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology offers both the undergraduate and post-graduate degrees maintaining its long-standing reputation for excellence in education and research, both nationally and internationally. Presently, it comprises eight departments: (i) Civil Engineering, (ii) Urban and Regional Planning, (iii) Building Engineering & Construction Management, (iv) Architecture, (v) Mathematics, (vi) Chemistry, (vii) Physics and (viii) Humanities. Among these eight departments, Civil Engineering offers B.Sc. Eng. degree since 1974, M.Sc. Eng. and Ph.D. since 1994 while Urban & Regional Planning offers BURP since 2010 and MURP since 2017 and Building Engineering & Construction Management offers B.Sc. Eng. since 2013. Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics offers M.Phill and Ph.D. since 2000. The undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum have a long tradition of providing a firm ground in engineering fundamentals, design and innovative knowledge. Our faculty members are rigorously trained experienced in the respective fields as well as conduct advanced research. The Faculty publishes the Journal of Engineering Science (JES) twice in a year (June and December) since 2010 (p-ISSN 2075-4914; e-ISSN 2706-6835). With all the existing accomplishments, Faculty of Civil Engineering has full confidence to provide international standard degrees to face the new and inherent challenges both in home and abroad.

Establish : 01-03-2004
Dean : Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad
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The engineering profession has become the main driving force of economic growth with their in read more...

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) offers unique opportunities for education, research and innovation to meet the increasing demand for highly educated engineering professionals. Now, the EEE faculty has grown beyond expectations and is consistently ranked among the top Engineering faculties of Bangladesh. Since its inception, the EEE faculty at KUET has been active in recruiting outstanding new faculty members to support its teaching and research activities. Every year, a number of our faculty members gets higher education and short-term scientific and research training in well reputed International universities. Our highly qualified faculty members have tremendous potential to change the traditional way of thinking about engineering education, pedagogy and research excellence. Our faculty members are conducting research in the core areas of electrical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, communication engineering and biomedical engineering, and laudable outcomes are often appraised at home and abroad. The faculty fosters future scientists and engineers and aims at developing not only the ability in students to live flexibly and aggressively in our rapidly changing society, but also at producing scientists and engineers with fundamental academic skills to advance our modern way of life. It is our mission to develop professionals with a global perspective and who take an active role in international progress. Our students already proved their merits and endeavors in home and abroad by securing the top positions in their respective fields and we hope to offer furthering its continuation. So as you browse our new web site, I hope you will discover new information, ideas, and inspiration. Scrolling through these pages you will learn about our exceptional degree and executive education programs, our distinguished faculty, and our achievements.

Establish : 01-03-2004
Dean : Prof. Dr. Md. Shahjahan
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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the leading faculties at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET). Keeping in mind, the vision and mission of the university, the faculty offers high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields of engineering and technology. At present, there are seven academic departments. These are:
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering
2.Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
3.Department of Energy Science and Engineering
4.Department of Leather Engineering
5.Department of Textile Engineering
6.Department of Chemical Engineering
7.Department of Mechatronics Engineering
The course curriculum of each department is designed in such a way that produces leaders in respective field to meet the national and international job markets of 21st century. The faculty promotes experiential learning by offering a wide range of practice-oriented courses, services and active learning strategies. Each department of the faculty have leading teaching laboratories which provide the students the best possible learning and practicing environment by simulating their future work environment. There are many student clubs through which students can pursue infinite co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The faculty encourages students to learn how to balance their academic life with activities outside the classroom, get to broaden their horizons, enrich their life experiences, and make lifelong friends, and in the end will find their time here well spent, university life colorful and campus experiences rewarding.
The faculty boasts a team of highly professional, scholastic and internationalized teaching staffs with rich teaching experiences. They love teaching and engage in research and innovation. The faculty members help to maintain global standard of excellence in teaching and learning at their respective discipline. They have immense professional dedication in caring and nurturing the students. The faculty is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research to solve real life industrial problems. Moreover, continuous improvement and life-long learning is a motto of students and faculty members.The faculty always welcomes alumni, parents, industrialist, and other stakeholders to put forward any suggestions and new ideas to continuously enhance teaching effectiveness and academic excellence.

Establish : 01-03-2004
Dean : Prof. Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam
Phone : PABX: +02477733351~7 Ext. 788
Fax : +8802477733303
Email : [email protected]
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Welcome to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of KUET. There are seven departments namely, Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME), Department of Industrial Engineering and read more...